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Bangkok Photo Walk - Khlong Toei

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

It was great meeting Karin & Sunguy after they have chosen my Klong Toei photo walk. We had a great walk in an interesting location and the weather was on our side - overcast sky just after the rain, which gave beautiful soft diffused light exactly what we need for street photography.

We started off at Khlong Toei market, which is the biggest fresh market in Bangkok, and then continue our tour to nearby Khlong Toei neighborhood, a low income community which used to be classified as 'slum' but today I would say it's a restructured community with friendly residents who prove they got the spirit to lift themselves up in spite of poverty.

A perfect location for street photography and portraits.

A friendly smile by a woman worker at Khlong Toei market. Push cart is a mean of transport, moving goods from one area to the other, as the market alleys are narrow.

Lovely smile by butcher lady at the market. By using wide aperture I can get blurred foreground, focusing on subject face.

Out of the way! Busy market scene.

Butchers at work.

Push cart lady at work. One of the market's main streets.

Many of Khlong Toei's residents are living in makeshift houses under a wide elevated highway. They use it as a roof sheltering them from heavy monsoon rains in the wet season and from the harsh sun in the dry season.

Photo walk In the narrow alleyways of Khlong Toei

Residents of Khlong Toei in their makeshift home under the expressway. Most Thai people are Buddhist and deeply believe in spirits. Note the yellow flowers hanging at the left of the frame, a gift for the spirits. Also note posters of late King Rama 9 and his son the present King of Thailand, Rama 10. No matter how humble is their home, Thai people will always show their love and respect to their King.

Entire family on a motorbike, a common sight here. Helmets? You must be joking.

Most children are being looked after by their grandmothers, as parents are out working to bring in income.

Proud grandma watch from behind as Karin is taking pictures of her cute gran-daughter.

It was a great photo walk, thank you!

Images were taken with :

Nikon D4

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8

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