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Photo Shoot In Chinatown

Updated: Feb 15

Welcome to my new blog.

In my posts here I will share some of my experiences as a photographer in Bangkok, 'The City Of Angles' as its name in Thai. I'm not much of a writer so posts will likely to be rather short in text but rich with images that I hope will convey something of the unique look and feel of life in this city. You are more than welcome to comment or ask any question.

There are many genres of photography and my passion and interest is taking pictures of people. I guess you can say I'm a people's photographer, be it in a photojournalism storytelling style, portrait photography or a planed photo shoot.

When it comes to photo shoot, I usually prefer to shoot on location using available light, and one of my favorite location for a photo shoot in Bangkok is Chinatown at night. The main street is just amazing with all those big neon signs and busy traffic, and the darker side streets and allies are interesting too. I always thought that Blade Runner's art directors found their inspiration there...

To get the big neon signs in the background, I asked my model to walk in the middle of the busy street while keeping a calm expression. This was not easy at all, but we made it somehow...

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